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16+6, Sadashiv Peth, Tilak Road,Pune,Maharashtra,India,411030

About Me

The SHAKTI SPORTS group came into existence nearly 43 years back formerly known as Kwality Sports & Co. Today SHAKTI SPORTS is one of Pune

My Products

Cosco CMTM-4111A Treadmill Home Series

VIVA KH 150 Exer Bikes Home Series

VIVA T-1300 Light Commercial Treadmill

Consultancy in setting up Fitness Centers for...

Servicing of Fitness Equipment

Installation & maintenance of equipment

COSCO AC 1000 Treadmill Commercial

USD 2208.75

VIVA T-1450 Treadmill Commercial

USD 2470.31

JK-9950 D (4 STATION)

USD 2134.35

CEB-TRIM-222 D Exer Bikes Home Series

USD 153.45

VIVA KH-5040 Commercial Exer Bike

USD 4688.75

VIVA KH-2040 Commercial Exer Bike

USD 3303.44

COSCO T 20 Treadmill Commercial

USD 3603.75

VIVA T-4000 Commercial Treadmill

USD 6393.75


USD 7265.63

VIVA T-6000 HEAVY DUTY Treadmill Commercial

USD 7556.25

VIVA Ti.10 Commercial Treadmill

USD 5890

VIVA T-1350 Commercial Treadmill

USD 37781.25

VIVA T-1500 Treadmill Commercial

USD 3342.19

VIVA T-1750 Treadmill Commercial

USD 4504.69

Viva T-3000 AC Motor Commercial Treadmill

USD 4359.38

VIVA T-3500 Commercial Treadmill

USD 6103.13

Viva Ti 8 3 HP Ac Motor Teadmill Commercial

USD 3342.19

VIVA Ti.8 Commercial Treadmill

USD 3565

COSCO AC 2000 Commerical Treadmill

USD 2673.75

VIVA ASPEN Stair Mill 4000 Commercial Exer Bi...

USD 5812.5

VIVA KH-350 Exer Bikes Home Series

USD 245.52

BSA Duatron Cx 006 Magnetic Exer Bike

USD 244.13

VIVA KH-695 Exer Bike

USD 306.9


USD 1050.28

CEB-604A Exer Bikes Home Series

USD 189.1

CEB-TRIM-210 Exer Bikes Home Series

CEB-TRIM-220 D Exer Bikes Home Series

USD 215.45

CHG-150 R Home Gym

USD 293.73

VIVA 518LC CHAMPION Light Commercial Multi Gy...

USD 1743.75

VIVA KH-795 Exer Bikes

USD 337.9

BSA Duatron RB 001 Exer Bikes

USD 403

VIVA KH-725 Exer Bike

USD 579.7

9380 U Exer Bike Commercial

USD 790.5

9380 R Exer Bike Commercial

USD 930

VIVA KH-2010 Commercial Exer Bike

USD 1364

VIVA KH-3010 Exer Bike Commercial

USD 1662.38

VIVA TRIAR Commercial Fluid Rower

USD 2131.25

VIVA KH-1520 Exer Bikes commercial

USD 2363.75

VIVA KH-1540 Exer Bikes Commercial

USD 2557.5

VIVA KH-2020 Exer Bikes

USD 2906.25

VIVA KH-3020 Commercial Upright Bike Exer Bi...

USD 3293.75

CEB-JK-2145 Exer Bike

USD 599.85
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