Cafe 5 Star
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Cafe 5 Star
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D-18, Mahavir nagar, Manikbaug, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411051

About Us

Supplier of vending machine for tea and coffee

Our Products

Table top Water Dispenser
USD 158.96 /quantity
Bru Vending Machine
USD 256.11 /quantity
Cafe 5 Star Coffee Vending Machine
USD 247.28 /quantity
Instant Coffee Premix
USD 4.24 /quantity
Ginger Instant Tea Premix
USD 4.24 /quantity
Godrej Coffee Vending Machine
USD 264.94 /quantity
Floor Mountain Water Dispensers
USD 247.28 /quantity
USHA Water Cooler
USD 441.56 /quantity
Lipton Vending Machine
USD 273.78 /quantity
Lemon Grass Instant Tea Premix
USD 4.24 /quantity


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