What is digin?

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One needs to explore the markets deep inside before selling or buying anything. The main focus of e-commerce portals is trade, unlike those developed particularly for sharing information, chatting and gossiping. A marketplace is the only place where business entities and customers gather and interact on their own generating multiple options for trade. But there are many instances where the business entities and customers are at the mercy of e-traders and are never allowed to meet directly. Technologically more advanced glocalized e-commerce marketplace enables centralized and decentralized connectivity to co-exist.

digin is a powerful, revolutionary, innovative, real-value B2B cum B2C, glocal e-commerce marketplace.

When customers want a product or a service they search specifically for it on www.digin.in, which in turn connects them to the relevant vendors directly.

digin is built to facilitate and enhance trade in the contemporary markets, that too at the glocal level.

digin complies with DIPP's (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India) guidelines for e-commerce marketplace.

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